Benefits of Strobe Light Training Glasses

SENSORY TRAINING FOR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Senaptec Strobe Training challenges your brain in a unique way no other tool can, by enabling you to train the mind and body together. By removing critical visual information, the brain is forced to process visual input more efficiently. This heightened visual capability enhances coordination, anticipation and decision-making resulting in faster reaction times, better ability to focus, and overall improved balance. Sensory Training is a category of sports performance where the focus is centered around improving cognitive ability to produce the desired outcome. Cognitive ability is where the brain takes in information, process it, as well [...]

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From Many Surgeries to a Marathon Runner

FROM MANY SURGERIES TO A MARATHON RUNNER NAME: Lori Collette SPORT: A New Marathon Runner INJURY: 2020 - shattered ankle, broke both tibia and fibula (closed displaced pilon fracture) at the same time, dislocated shoulder, teared bicep tendon, rotator cuff, labrum and chipped a bone. SURGERIES: Since the accident, 5 ankle surgeries and one shoulder surgery. Primary concern being the ankle with setting the bone first with an external fixator (6/14/2020), then setting the bones back into place with 26 screws and 3 plates (6/25/2020), followed by two infections which had to be cleaned back out on 7/24/2020 and again [...]

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Speedy Recovery from 2 Knee Surgeries

BACK ON THE COURTS AFTER KNEE SURGERIES ATHLETE: Ella Hussein SPORT: Basketball TEAMS: - Broad Run HS Varsity since Freshmen year. - Fairfax Stars INJURY: Torn ACL, Meniscus SURGERIES: August 2022 STARTED TSR TREATMENT AT ELITE: Dec. 2022 Ella's love for basketball started in third grade, where she demonstrated incredible potential that her peers and coaches couldn't ignore. It was clear that she was destined for greatness on the court. She worked tirelessly, day in and day out, to hone her skills and become the best player she could be. Her hard work [...]

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