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Massage Therapy


Best Massage Membership in Ashburn, Loudoun

All of our therapists are licensed and trained in many techniques and have extensive knowledge in human anatomy. They can perform many different styles of massage. Our therapists will speak with you to determine what type of massage is best for you.

Clients with Massage Membership can add Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy and / or Whole Body Cryotherapy to their appointment with 40% discount.

This is a great gift idea for anyone if you are looking for something unique.


  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension

  • Improving circulation, energy and alertness

  • Improving immune function
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation

Benefits of Cryotherapy After a Massage

Cryotherapy, which involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time, is sometimes used in conjunction with massage therapy to enhance the benefits of the massage. Here are some potential benefits of cryotherapy after a massage:

Reduced Inflammation: Cryotherapy can help reduce inflammation in the body by constricting blood vessels and decreasing the flow of inflammatory molecules. This can be particularly beneficial after a deep tissue or intense sports massage, as it may help alleviate post-massage soreness and swelling.

Pain Relief: The cold temperatures from cryotherapy can have an analgesic (pain-relieving) effect, which may complement the pain-relieving effects of a massage. This can be especially helpful for individuals with chronic pain conditions or injuries.

Muscle Recovery: Cryotherapy may help in muscle recovery by reducing muscle fatigue and soreness after a massage. Athletes often use cryotherapy to speed up the recovery process and enhance their overall performance.

Improved Circulation: While cryotherapy initially constricts blood vessels, the body responds by increasing circulation to warm up the affected areas. This can help flush out toxins and waste products from the muscles and promote better circulation, which can complement the increased blood flow from a massage.

Enhanced Energy and Alertness: Cryotherapy may leave you feeling invigorated and more alert, which can be a beneficial contrast to the relaxation-inducing effects of a massage. It can help you feel more awake and energized after a session.

Stress Reduction: The combination of massage and cryotherapy can be a powerful stress-reduction technique. The contrast between the relaxing warmth of the massage and the invigorating cold of cryotherapy can promote a sense of overall well-being.

We Also Offer Complementary Options Listed Below to Relieve Tightness, Break Up Knots and Scar Tissue.


Elite Wellness offers cupping to anyone looking to increase mobility due to muscle or joint tightness. Depending on the specific area you want to be cupped, the wellness specialist will choose different diameters or sized cups and leave them for varying durations.


  • Increase mobility

  • Improve circulation

  • Reduce muscle tightness

  • Loosen fascia

Cups are applied with a hand pump that vacuums out the air and creates a suction effect to pull the skin upwards. This helps improve blood flow and circulation to the area.

muscle scraping

Elite Wellness offers muscle scraping using a myofascial tool that is designed to focus on specific areas that are common for knots and muscle adhesions. Using this technique results in better range of motion and increased flexibility.


  • Improve tightness

  • Flexibility
  • Breakdown scar tissue
  • Relieve the muscular spasm

  • Decreased scar tissue formation

The specialist will apply a small amount of massage cream to the targeted area before applying pressure with myofascial tool, Graston technique. Depending on the severity of your muscle tightness, this technique can vary in different levels of discomfort.


Best massage I’ve ever had this morning!!!

I tried CRYO for the first time and LOVED IT! :)

If you haven’t checked this place out, you need to do so.

Mitch Brown, Google Reviewer

Elite Wellness has been the best for me and my family.

I go for EMS with Anthony and get a great whole body workout.

My husband and my sons enjoy small group training and we all love to get a great massage with Vanessa.

It definitely is preventive therapy and money well spent.

Marjon Barreto, Google Reviewer

We came in for medical therapeutic massage for our daughter following surgery.

We could not have found a better place. Sean was fantastic- truly making our daughter’s recovery from surgery faster than even the pt doctor expected.

Everyone was kind and welcoming and very professional.

We highly recommend Elite Wellness.

Patricia Huebschman, Google Reviewer

I’ve had an extremely positive experience with Elite Wellness! I’m a a very active fitness professional and was looking to supplement my own recovery practices with sports massage and cupping. Shawn was recommended to me and he has been awesome.

Each visit he takes time to inquire about what areas I want to focus on and answers all my questions about what I can do for maintenance between visits. I always leave feeling great.

In addition, the staff are friendly, booking and payment are easy, and the facility is beautiful.

Love supporting a small business too!

Joy Sobel, Google Reviewer

I can’t recommend Elite Wellness enough. My family has used their services for sports medicine, agility training, and volleyball coaching all with excellent results.

I personally visit for deep tissue work and have found their staff to be both knowledgeable and skilled at a level that is incredibly difficult to find.

If you have back pain or biomechanical issues you will absolutely benefit from their services.

Hunter Brown, Google Reviewer

As a restaurant owner I am very active on my feet all day, with most of my body tension settling in my neck and shoulders. When I came to Elite Wellness I could barely move my neck because I was in so much pain.

I’ve visited other stretch businesses in the area and they weren’t able to help me the way Elite’s staff did.

Their wonderful sports medicine specialist and massage therapist combined their expertise, using myofascial release and stretching techniques which allowed those tight painful areas to relax and begin to heal.

I walked out of there feeling like a brand new woman! I was able to fully move my head and neck around after just one visit.

After 3 visits, my neck hardly bothers me anymore.

Admin Oxus7, Google Reviewer
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