Elite Running Training Program

Unlock your full running potential with our comprehensive running training program designed for athletes of all levels. Our expert-led program, serving Washington DC area, focuses on enhancing muscular endurance, increasing power, improving speed, and reducing injury risk. With personalized training plans, cutting-edge strength training techniques, and proven injury prevention strategies, our program ensures you achieve your running goals faster and more efficiently. Join today to experience unparalleled results and take your running to new heights. Register now for our elite running training program and become the runner you’ve always aspired to be!

Whether you’re training for your first competitive race or aiming to improve your personal best, our specialized program is designed to help you achieve your goals.

Running training program

Boost Muscular Endurance: Enhance your ability to run longer and stronger. Our strength training improves muscular endurance, allowing you to maintain a faster pace over long distances and elevate your performance.

Increase Power: Perfect for sprinters and track athletes! Strength training amplifies muscle size and strength, enabling you to generate explosive force in short bursts and improve your speed off the line.

Enhance Speed: Gain the edge with faster running times. Our program strengthens your muscles, leading to more powerful strides and improved running form, ultimately making you faster.

Reduce Injury Risk: Stay injury-free and keep running. Our training enhances balance, stability, and posture, reducing the risk of common injuries like IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

Meet Your Running Training Coach

Alex Giraudineau is a highly skilled and experienced fitness trainer with a deep passion for running and a strong background in exercise science and sports management. Originally from the breathtaking French Alps, his journey brought him to the United States as a student-track athlete at Saint Leo University, where he competed on the track and field team.

He also developed the running bio-mechanical research of iKinesis (sensors to analyze in motion running form and help to detect stress area during running)

Alex has Masters in Exercise and Sport Science with a research concentration on footwear and running analysis. Thesis on Running performance and wearable technology.

Study of Research: Impact of neuroconnection and feedback on the gait of a person with vertigo; Are we able to feel the degradation of shoes on time?

Certification: Level 1 – Motor Preferences Expert

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  • 800m: 2min00
  • 1000m: 2min32
  • 1500m: 4min02
  • 3000m: 8m42
  • 3000m steeple: 9min44
  • 5000m: 15min12
  • 10.000m: 31min30

HALF MARATHON: 1h10min47sec


  • 6 victory, 2 2nd place, 1 3rd place
  • 12th at the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon
  • Run for Saint Leo University D2 school in Florida


  • 6x on Cross Country
  • 4x on Track
  • 5x with School (High School + College)
  • 2x on Road (10k)


  • Runner up (2nd) at High school national on the 1500m
  • Runner up (2nd) by team at the U16 National Cross Country Championship
  • 3rd by team at the National Track team U23 Championship

Why Do Your RunningTraining with Alex?

Expertise in Biomechanical Analysis: With a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, he specializes in biomechanical analysis, ensuring that your running form is optimized for maximum efficiency and minimal injury risk.

Comprehensive Sports Experience: His work in sports podiatry, exercise physiology, running analysis, and injury prevention has honed his ability to enhance athletic performance across various sports, especially runners.

Sports Management Knowledge: His MBA in Sports Management equips him with the strategic understanding to tailor your training plan to meet your specific goals, whether they’re competitive or personal.

Proven Track Record: As a nationally ranked runner in France, Alex has received numerous medals and accolades throughout his running career. He brings this competitive edge and experience to every training session.

Nutrition Planning for Runners:

Training Philosophy

Alex believes in a holistic approach to running training, combining scientific principles with practical experience to develop programs that improve endurance, speed, and agility. His methods are designed to enhance your running quality while continuing to foster a love for the sport and ensuring long-term athletic development.

What You Can Expect

Running / Fitness Analysis: Thorough assessment is completed prior to start training.

Personalized Training Plans: Tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring you make consistent progress.

Advanced Running Techniques: Leveraging biomechanical expertise to refine your form and technique.

Injury Prevention: Focused strategies to keep you healthy and running stronger for longer.

Motivational Support: Encouragement and guidance to push your limits and achieve new milestones.