Recovery is Very Critical for Athletes During In-Season

Recovery is Very Critical for Athletes During In-Season Let's Talk Athletic Recovery In the competitive world of sports, athletes often strive to be the best, pushing themselves to their limits to become the strongest and fastest in their field. However, in their pursuit of greatness, many athletes are reluctant to take a day off to recover, fearing they might fall behind or miss the chance to improve their performance even slightly. What they fail to realize is that rest and recovery days are just as crucial to their training regimen as the intense workouts themselves. These [...]

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Health & Weight: Struggle to Triumph

From Struggle to Triumph: A Journey to Health and Weight Loss Results come with knowledge, commitment and consistency. For Angela DeHart, the journey towards better health and shedding excess weight was a constant struggle. The cycle of losing a few pounds only to gain them back due to her eating habits was all too familiar. However, everything changed when she embarked on a life-changing trip to the Great Wall of China with a friend. The trip required a four-hour walk, but Angela found herself unable to even walk around the block at that time. This eye-opening moment [...]

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Six Myths About Cryotherapy

Six Myths About Cryotherapy Cryotherapy is a popular treatment that involves exposing your body to extremely low temperatures, typically in a cryotherapy chamber. While some people swear by its benefits, others remain skeptical. In this blog post, we aim to dispel the top 6 myths about cryotherapy and give you an honest and unbiased answer to any questions you may have. Cryotherapy - body cooling for therapeutic purposes Myth #1: You only need to do it once. While cryotherapy can have incredible results the first time you try it, it might take [...]

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