ACL Injury and Athlete’s Recovery From Knee Reconstruction

Recovering from Reconstructive Knee Surgery In the competitive world of high school sports, setbacks like injuries can feel like the end of the road. Recovery can be long. For Gavin Harrison, a promising athlete at Stone Bridge High School, a knee injury threatened to derail his dreams of making a successful return to the field. However, with determination and the expert guidance of Elite Wellness, Gavin's story took a remarkable turn. In August of his junior year, Gavin suffered a devastating knee injury that left him facing the prospect of not just one, but [...]

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Colette’s Journey to Strength and Recovery

Colette Cunningham's Journey to Strength and Recovery In the world of strength training, injury and recovery, success stories often emerge from unexpected places. Injuries happen but this doesn't mean the end of training. One such inspiring tale is that of Colette Cunningham, a former pro-soccer player, retired police officer, and a devoted mother of three boys. Colette's journey with strength training at Elite began in 2021, unveiling a transformative experience that not only revitalized her strength but also significantly reduced the persistent pain she had carried from her years on the soccer field and in law enforcement. [...]

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Healing Power of Infrared Sauna for Cold and Flu Symptoms

Harnessing the Healing Power: Infrared Sauna for Cold and Flu Symptoms As the seasons change, the inevitable onset of cold and flu symptoms can disrupt our daily lives. While traditional remedies such as rest, hydration, and over-the-counter medications remain staples in combating these ailments, an emerging wellness trend is gaining recognition for its potential in alleviating symptoms: the infrared sauna. In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and its potential role in managing cold and flu symptoms. Understanding Infrared Sauna Therapy: Infrared saunas use radiant heat to directly [...]

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