Sweat Your Way
to Better Health

Elite Wellness offers full spectrum infrared sauna as a healthy approach to detoxify the body in a natural and safe way. Our sauna offers near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths that penetrate the deepest levels of the body’s cells, resulting in the greatest levels of detoxification possible. Infrared saunas heat your body directly to raise your core temperature, allowing your body to go through a physiological process more efficiently. Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for everyone because it occurs naturally from the sun but does not contain the harmful UV rays associated with unprotected sunlight.

Research: Regular sauna bathing and the incidence of common colds


  • Improve circulation

  • Improve bodily detoxification

  • Improve mobility
  • Loosen muscles
  • Minimize wound scarring

  • Promote weight loss

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase vasodilation

  • Boost metabolism


Loosen and Relax
Your Sore Muscles

Photobiomodulation has been extensively researched for many years and adds measurable energy to the mitochondria of your cells.

Red light is thought to work by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthen the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell — it’s where the cell’s energy is created. The energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

By increasing the function of the mitochondria using Red Light Therapy, a cell can make more ATP. With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.

  • Full-body medical-grade light therapy panel
  • 70 red light LED’s in the 660 nm range and 70 near-infrared LED’s in the 850 nm range

  • Boost immune system

  • Cell regeneration
  • Enhance tissue repair
  • Improve mobility
  • Loosen muscles
  • Reduce pain


I had a very nice and welcoming first visit to Elite Wellness.

I used their infrared sauna, which was a wonderful experience. Prices are also very reasonable and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Will use their services again.

Lucy Bartamian, Google Reviewer