Difference is in the detail

  • Small Group Fitness Training, Ashburn VA

Our Adult fitness training program is designed using a scientific approach to ensure our clients get a structured workout that is made up of functional movements, compound lifts, corrective exercises, and accessories hitting all muscle groups.

  • Full body workout – carefully designed to work each muscle group.
  • More effective method to see and track measurable progress.
  • Assistance in setting individualized goals.
  • Progress tracking with body composition scan.
  • Motivation with our new “Transformation Log”.




  • Maximum 8 people in each group

  • Maximize strength and muscular endurance

  • Increase range of motion and mobility across all joints

  • Enhance stability and balance through developing a strong core
  • Improve overall functionality



Our Teen/Youth training is designed using sports performance methodologies such as periodization, progressive overload, and specificity of training.

Strength and mobility are the building blocks to athletic performance, therefore, our coaches start each new athlete with basic movement patterns (i.e. how to squat with proper form) to ensure proper biomechanics and form before moving onto more challenging exercises.

  • Enhance muscular strength & endurance

  • Increase flexibility and mobility across all joints

  • Improve power, explosiveness, and rate of force development (RFD)

  • Learn proper jumping and landing techniques

  • Enhance stability and balance through developing a strong core
  • Learn proper sprinting mechanics and improve change of direction capabilities


Elite Wellness is an outstanding business and I am thrilled to be working with them. Every trainer I’ve met has been extremely knowledgable and dedicated to helping me reach my goals. More than expertise, they have a fantastic culture that makes working out fun. I’ve seen everyone from high performance athletes to people just starting their fitness journey improving while having a great time. I cannot reccomend them enough.

Doug Tableman, Google Reviewer

Owners are very passionate about the quality of their services. Highly knowledgeable trainers are able to address any client’s needs. They are driven and able to motivate me to do my part to achieve desired results. My husband and I have been doing their small group adult training 3 times a week and we love it. Group size is no more than 8 and that really makes it like a personal training – we get so much attention from the trainers. They always watch our form to make sure we are doing it right. The workouts are always changing to cover all muscle groups. We certainly recommend their fitness programs as well as their recovery services.

Oya Simpson, Google Reviewer

My daughter recently started coming 1-2 times per week and loves the training staff here. She is already seeing real results in terms of strength and movement. This is such a wonderful addition to the skills-based training many young athletes receive as part of practices, clinics and camps and helps with confidence, injury prevention and performance. Great job team!

Daphne Wotherspoon, Google Reviewer

You guys are incredible! What a amazing class this morning! McKenna has been so wonderful, answering all my questions, treating me like a valued client. Anthony’s class was phenomenal! I’m so happy to be able to workout with you. I’m even getting my husband on board. The knowledge you all have is extensive and impressive. As a professional dancer for 20+ years I want to work with people who are experts in their field. Elite Wellness is in a class all by itself! Thank you!

Kelly Alifano, Google Reviewer

Our daughter has greatly enjoyed the teen sessions! Anthony has been tremendous in his knowledge and support. Super easy to schedule and very flexible too! We see such great improvement in a short time and she loves going every week!

Sean Blake, Google Reviewer

Awesome small group training for kids by Anthony.

Great workout for the kids, comfortable not crowded and socially distanced environment. Nice routine with a lot of different activities to challenge the kids.

Getting cryotherapy or a massage while kids are training is a super bonus for me!!

All of the staff here are super friendly and the place has a wonderful vibe each time we come here.

S Riders, Google Reviewer

Elite is truly a special place. Our second child is now training there and we continue to have the best experience.

The facility is fantastic, the staff is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable.

They develop great relationships with the kids which in turn has left both of our kids looking forward to every session.

I would highly recommend Elite to anyone!

Sarah Blake, Google Reviewer