Our highly qualified athletic trainers create programs for a variety of clients. We welcome clients of any age, athletes, active adults, those who are starting to exercise for the first time, or those recovering from an injury. We are able to customize your training to match your goals.

We have multiple options for personal training for athletes and non-athletes of all ages.

Select what fits your needs or contact us for additional information.

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  • Gain muscle and lose fat

  • Learn proper form to prevent injury

  • Measure progress

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Injury recovery
  • Train for sports-specific skills
  • Strobe sensory skill training

  • Flash Reflex Training


At Elite, we combine, our expertise, science and technology with comprehensive approach to maximize performance of an athlete at any level.

Visit our Testing page to find out how to maximize your results with multiple measuring options we offer.

Elite’s Targeted Sports Recovery, Massage and other Recovery treatments offer our clients services to achieve their goal faster and maintain their physical fitness.


Revolutionary method of training that combines cognitive and physical effort into each and every drill, exercise, challenge, test and competition.


Our strobe eyewear helps to slow down the game by improving your visual skills and feel for your body movement.


Electrical impulses force your muscles to contract, which results in more muscle recruitment in shorter amount of time.


Always amazing and going above and beyond, the owners and the staff at elite wellness know how to guide you through whatever your physical goals are!

I was never into working out, and the staff has brought me into a level of physical strength that I never thought I could achieve. Anthony has been such an amazing trainer in my one on one sessions, and he knows how to train, understands the body, and takes great care to make each of my sessions count!

Josie guides you through any nutritional development needed to achieve your goals and offers expert solutions based on your body using her incredible nutritional knowledge and bespoke diet plans. I never feel hungry and I never feel like I don’t understand completely what I can do to move into the next level!

Whether you are a professional athlete, or just another “WFH”er: you will feel right at home with the facilities and services Elite Wellness has to offer.

Rob Alcorn, Google Reviewer

I have been visiting Elite Wellness since they were at their original location in Sterling, VA. Co-owners McKenna and Josi have created an amazing space to get personal training as well as recovery services for all sports. Every time I show up I am welcomed and treated like family. Every employee I have met has been professional and taken such great care of me.

I am in my final weeks of training for the NYC Marathon and I don’t think I would be as prepared for this race if I had not included Elite Wellness in my training plan.

Theresa Hayden, Google Reviewer

We have 2 young athletes that have been training at Elite for more than a year.

Staff and management are great and you can feel their passion.

Would like to give a shout out to Anthony for his flexibility and constant motivation as a trainer.

Shane & Denise Van Wyngaardt, Google Reviewer

I have been lifting at Elite for almost 2 years to help with injury prevention in my running. Besides being amazing trainers, they care about the individual.

McKenna helped me figure out a back problem I was having and made sure to guide me to the resources that would be the most effective- even getting special equipment to help strengthen a weak muscle. Not only have they exceeded my expectations, they now help my teenage daughter with injury prevention and confidence building.

Perhaps the highest complement is that my exercise phobic husband is starting to talk about attending classes. He will only get a massage here and has even jumped in the cryo tank a few times!

The Elite staff are professional, but above all, they care about each person that walks through the door and encourage everyone to become the best version of themselves.

Erika Caruthers, Google Reviewer

The team at Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery is Outstanding!!

They are very friendly, accommodating and helpful. Mckenna was my physical therapist/trainer for recovering from a herniated disc and sciatica. She is the best there is!

The stretches and exercises were targeted and increased in complexity each session. She was always enthusiastic and determined to reduce the pain and back to working out!

Her passion for helping people recover or becoming better versions of themselves is evident in the first 5 minutes you meet Mckenna!!!

I highly recommend!!

This place truly changed me physically and mentally. They made me stronger and a better person.

I would strongly recommend Elite Wellness to anyone looking to get stronger or simply to get back in shape.

It’s like a big family at Elite.

Elite Wellness has been a game changer for my athlete.  The trainers are excellent and really find ways to push the young athletes without putting them at risk for injury.  

My daughter has seen rapid improvements in strength, agility, jump height, flexibility and her overall attitude towards strength and conditioning.  

The focus on injury prevention and the recovery options available are also a true value-add!  

Thanks to everyone involved in this endeavor for making such a valuable contribution to the athletes’ development!

Daphne W., Yelp Reviewer