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Targeted Sports Recovery

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Targeted Sports Recovery is an Elite Wellness exclusive, combining the best parts of manual therapy (targeted massage), stretch therapy, and corrective exercises.

This service is not just for sports-related issues, but for any pain or tightness keeping you from moving and exercising the way you want.


  • Customized Corrective Exercises

  • Cupping

  • Electric Muscle Stimulation

  • Muscle Scraping

  • Stretches

  • Targeted Massage

  • Ultrasound Therapy

Having athletic trainers and therapists working together benefits our clients. They share the information of what will work best while the client is working out, or if a client complains about any issues.

This form of rehabilitation focuses on restoring biomechanics necessary for daily function and sports activities while maintaining current athletic conditioning.

In order to reach optimal levels of recovery, we include an at-home protocol, after the initial visit and a demonstration of prescribed exercises.


Our son injured his ankle pretty badly at basketball camp. We were recommended to come to Elite Wellness, and they totally took care of our son. We highly recommend them.

Jason Apergis, Google Reviewer

Elite Wellness is a great place for dealing with my sport issue. I had the slight lower back issue due to tight muscle and weak core, and the the therapist knows exactly where the trigger point is and would like to do the “sport level” treatment on my muscle (and i really enjoy that feeling) since they are also the athletes. They also gave me the advice of how to do the warm up to activate my muscle before the workout so I won’t get hurt easily.

Highly recommend.

Wang Hongyuan, Google Reviewer

Great experience across the board…

Was recommended by a fellow soccer parent/friend to help repair/rehab an injury. They were able to properly diagnose my injury (torn ligament) and worked with me to improve my strength and flexibility. I was pleased with the amount of research the trainer did after my pain assessment in order to determine the likely injury and best possible course of action.

Things went so well that I brought our entire family of 6 (we all do sports ranging from soccer to swimming to gymnastics) for assessments and group training.

We even go out of way to travel from Haymarket (non rush hour times).

Highly recommend!!

vookenmeister, Google Reviewer

I came to Elite Wellness about a year ago, following two months of physical therapy for a dislocated shoulder. I worked with Anthony and Ben initially then started a twice a week personal training program with Marena.

I’ve really seen progression over this past year in not only shoulder improvement, but in my ability to handle heavier weights, increase my endurance, and I have improved my balance in ways I never thought possible. Marena is a thoughtful trainer and coach. She pushes me to be better and better. I love that she explains why we are doing certain exercises and how everything works.

I drive a long way from Western Loudoun to come to Elite, but it’s worth every mile. In addition to the work I’ve done with Marena, I’ve come to know the owners and other members of the Elite family.

It’s a great place that is serious but more importantly fun!

Joan Ferenczy, Yelp Reviewer
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