Colette Cunningham’s Journey

to Strength and Recovery

In the world of strength training, injury and recovery, success stories often emerge from unexpected places. Injuries happen but this doesn’t mean the end of training. One such inspiring tale is that of Colette Cunningham, a former pro-soccer player, retired police officer, and a devoted mother of three boys. Colette’s journey with strength training at Elite began in 2021, unveiling a transformative experience that not only revitalized her strength but also significantly reduced the persistent pain she had carried from her years on the soccer field and in law enforcement.

The Early Years: Colette’s illustrious soccer career saw her break barriers as the first woman to play on a men’s indoor professional soccer team, the Washington Warthogs. She also represented the U.S. Women’s National Team and played overseas in Italy, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. In 2019 Colette was inducted in the Virginia – DC Soccer Hall of Fame. However, this journey was not without its challenges. Nagging knee injuries and multiple arthroscopic surgeries took a toll on Colette’s physical well-being, casting shadows on her otherwise shining career.

Transition to Law Enforcement: Following her soccer career, Colette transitioned into a 24-year-long career in law enforcement. Carrying extra weight from ballistic vests, weapons, and the physical demands of the job compounded her existing knee injuries. As the years passed, Colette found herself in a struggle against not only the demands of her profession but also the physical toll it took on her body. Check out the book Uncuffed Voices Colette co-authored.

Discovering Elite and Personalized Training: In 2021, Colette joined Elite and embarked on a new chapter of her life. Under the guidance of Mckenna, a seasoned trainer at Elite, a carefully designed strength training program was tailored to Colette’s unique needs and challenges. The focus was not just on building strength but also on addressing her specific areas of pain and discomfort.

Recovery Through Precision: The training program at Elite wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it was a precision-crafted regimen that took into account Colette’s athletic history, injuries, and the demands of her law enforcement career. The goal was clear – to regain strength and alleviate pain.

Results and Continued Progress: Colette experienced a resurgence of strength and witnessed a significant reduction in the pain that had lingered for years. The carefully crafted program at Elite, combined with Colette’s determination, became a winning formula for success.

Holistic Approach to Recovery: To maintain and enhance her results, Colette embraced a holistic approach to recovery. In addition to her regular strength training sessions at Elite Wellness, she incorporated massage therapy and infrared and red light sauna treatments into her routine.

Colette’s journey from a pro-soccer player to a law enforcement officer, to a runner, business owner and a dedicated mother is a testament to the transformative power of personalized strength training. Elite’s commitment to crafting individualized programs and incorporating recovery services has not only revitalized Colette’s physical and mental well-being but has also empowered her to continue excelling in the various roles she plays in life. Colette’s story is an inspiration for anyone seeking to overcome physical challenges and rediscover their strength.

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