Senaptec Strobe Training challenges your brain in a unique way no other tool can, by enabling you to train the mind and body together. By removing critical visual information, the brain is forced to process visual input more efficiently. This heightened visual capability enhances coordination, anticipation and decision-making resulting in faster reaction times, better ability to focus, and overall improved balance.

Sensory Training is a category of sports performance where the focus is centered around improving cognitive ability to produce the desired outcome. Cognitive ability is where the brain takes in information, process it, as well as store it, to then act upon it. This could be anywhere from catching a football, diving for a volleyball, knowing when the shooting is going to cut across the court, to knowing when the top of your thighs reach parallel to then come out of a squat.

Hand-eye coordination is a very important aspect of sport. Sensory training has gained a lot of ground in this topic of focus. They have different setting where the lenses periodically impair the athlete’s vision when performing specific tasks. Wearing glasses such as SENAPTEC increases focus of the task at hand.

As part of our Personal Training services, our trainers are able to use this technology with their clients.

Strobe Training Can Improve:

FOCUS – Keeping the eyes on the target through completion of a task

TIMING – Accurate and precise reaction timing

VISUALIZATION – Tracking of objects in the mind’s eye

QUICKNESS – Quick and accurate execution of a movement

PERIPHERAL VISION – Awareness of your surroundings

BALANCE – Ability to keep your body in a stable position

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