Recovery is Very Critical for Athletes During In-Season

Recovery is Very Critical for Athletes During In-Season Let's Talk Athletic Recovery In the competitive world of sports, athletes often strive to be the best, pushing themselves to their limits to become the strongest and fastest in their field. However, in their pursuit of greatness, many athletes are reluctant to take a day off to recover, fearing they might fall behind or miss the chance to improve their performance even slightly. What they fail to realize is that rest and recovery days are just as crucial to their training regimen as the intense workouts themselves. These [...]

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Speedy Recovery from 2 Knee Surgeries

BACK ON THE COURTS AFTER KNEE SURGERIES ATHLETE: Ella Hussein SPORT: Basketball TEAMS: - Broad Run HS Varsity since Freshmen year. - Fairfax Stars INJURY: Torn ACL, Meniscus SURGERIES: August 2022 STARTED TSR TREATMENT AT ELITE: Dec. 2022 Ella's love for basketball started in third grade, where she demonstrated incredible potential that her peers and coaches couldn't ignore. It was clear that she was destined for greatness on the court. She worked tirelessly, day in and day out, to hone her skills and become the best player she could be. Her hard work [...]

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Why Tracking Your Calories as an Athlete is Important

The Importance of Tracking Your Calories as an Athlete For athletes, maintaining optimal performance is crucial. From professional athletes to recreational enthusiasts, one aspect that often gets overlooked is tracking calorie intake. While training, exercise, and technique are all vital, understanding and managing your calorie consumption can significantly impact athletic performance and overall health. This article delves into the reasons why tracking your calories as an athlete is essential. Fueling Performance Calories are the units of energy that fuel our bodies. As an athlete, your body demands extra energy to perform at its best. Tracking your calorie [...]

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