Health & Weight: Struggle to Triumph

From Struggle to Triumph: A Journey to Health and Weight Loss Results come with knowledge, commitment and consistency. For Angela DeHart, the journey towards better health and shedding excess weight was a constant struggle. The cycle of losing a few pounds only to gain them back due to her eating habits was all too familiar. However, everything changed when she embarked on a life-changing trip to the Great Wall of China with a friend. The trip required a four-hour walk, but Angela found herself unable to even walk around the block at that time. This eye-opening moment [...]

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Six Myths About Cryotherapy

Six Myths About Cryotherapy Cryotherapy is a popular treatment that involves exposing your body to extremely low temperatures, typically in a cryotherapy chamber. While some people swear by its benefits, others remain skeptical. In this blog post, we aim to dispel the top 6 myths about cryotherapy and give you an honest and unbiased answer to any questions you may have. Cryotherapy - body cooling for therapeutic purposes Myth #1: You only need to do it once. While cryotherapy can have incredible results the first time you try it, it might take [...]

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