Recovery is Very Critical for Athletes During In-Season

Recovery is Very Critical for Athletes During In-Season Let's Talk Athletic Recovery In the competitive world of sports, athletes often strive to be the best, pushing themselves to their limits to become the strongest and fastest in their field. However, in their pursuit of greatness, many athletes are reluctant to take a day off to recover, fearing they might fall behind or miss the chance to improve their performance even slightly. What they fail to realize is that rest and recovery days are just as crucial to their training regimen as the intense workouts themselves. These [...]

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Best Practices for Young Soccer Players

Best Practices for Young Soccer Player Development Start Soccer Early, Play Often Starting the soccer journey at an early age is key. Regular play helps children in developing coordination, balance, and an intuitive connection with the ball. Focus on Soccer's Fundamentals Coaches and parents should underline the significance of mastering fundamental skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, and body control. Consistent practice of these basics not only enhances technical proficiency but also boosts a player's confidence on the field. At Elite Wellness, we employ various training methods and technologies to enhance foot-eye coordination and other fundamental [...]

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