“Being part of this conference is very exciting and humbling for me. Fitness technology has come so far in recent years, that we are now often overwhelmed with the amount of data available. The challenge is no longer getting fitness data, but knowing how to interpret and use it to help us achieve our goals. I am looking forward to participating in this conference not only because I get to speak about a topic that is important to me and learn from world leading experts, but I also get to share new knowledge with my community back home”.

From Ashburn, VA to Singapore for Women’s Health and Fitness

McKenna Smet Will Be Discussing Data Driven Fitness Tracking Devices and More in Women’s Health Singapore Conference 2023

Ashburn, VA – October 9, 2023Global Centre for Asian Women’s Health (GloW) is launching its first conference on women’s health in collaboration with faculties from Harvard University and leading global experts, including McKenna Smet, Fitness Expert and Owner of Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery of Ashburn, Virginia. The conference will take place in Singapore, starting on November 9th through 11th, 2023.

Themed “Promoting Women’s Health and Healthy Longevity: from laboratory to kitchen, the inaugural Women’s Health Singapore Conference 2023 promotes science, innovation, collaboration and partnership. It is providing a forum for world leading experts, scientists and practitioners in women’s health, maternal and child health to come together to improve women’s health over lifespan and across generations, with a focus on nutrition and lifestyle.

New Era of Physical Activity

On-Site Fitness Training — Welcome a new era of wellness, where advanced fitness devices can track your every move while providing invaluable data on your exercise and caloric expenditure. Smet, a Fitness Expert will introduce the latest technologies revolutionizing how we understand and promote physical activity. In addition, it will include the timing of nutrient consumption and exercise to help optimize fitness routine, achieve optimal performance, and maintain a balanced diet.

One of the main goals of this conference is also to narrow the gaps between research, policy, and practice. It is also to inspire future generations of researchers and scientists to, together, advance women’s health.

Established at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, the Global Centre for Asian Women’s Health (GloW) strives to build and develop an international, multi-disciplinary platform with local and global partners to address women’s major health concerns over the lifespan and across generations. The GloW believes that healthy and happy women are the cornerstone for healthy and happy families, societies, and the world.

Entrepreneur, and the owner of Elite Wellness, Performance and Recovery in Ashburn, VA. PhD student – Health & Human Performance. B.S. Exercise Science. Master of Public Health (MPH). Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).