Oya’s character embodies a commitment to well-being and an energetic way of living. This passion has been a consistent aspect of her identity. Her professional journey has spanned various industries characterized by both straightforward and complex organizational frameworks. Throughout, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge in establishing productive and efficient workplaces.

Oya brings over a decade of experience in small business management and marketing. She specializes in growing businesses while helping those businesses to adapt and mature by implementing new processes and technologies. Oya firmly holds the belief that the focal point of any business should always encompass its customers and the community it serves. Her reputation is founded upon exacting standards and an unwavering dedication to details. She initially applied these skills to non-profit environmental causes and is now focusing on local women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the wellness and sports sector.

Environmental sustainability is something Oya has been passionate about and has made a great impact in her community with her projects. Now she enjoys her garden which includes over 50 native plant species where she can spot diversity of wildlife with her camera.