Josi is from São Paolo, Brazil where she grew up surrounded by traditional and holistic Brazilian medicine. She left her family at the age of 15 to play volleyball for the Brazilian Youth National Team. After a successful Division 1 college volleyball career at the University of Hawaii, Josi graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. She went on to coach Division 1 NCAA college volleyball while obtaining her Master of Science in Health Education & Nutrition.

Josi has certifications in Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Science, and Personal Training. Josi eventually left coaching competitive college volleyball to start her own volleyball club in Northern Virginia, Loudoun Elite Volleyball, in 2016 and then co-founded Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery in 2018.

Being a passionate volleyball player, coach and living most of her life as a competitive athlete, Josi understands the psychology behind sports and the importance of having a healthy and holistic lifestyle and the impact it can have on someone mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Josi loves travelling and exploring different cultures and natural wonders. So far she has been over 30 countries, including Napal, China and Africa. Her goal is to visit 50 countries and there is no slowing down so far.