Yoga to Improve Mobility and Flexibility

How is yoga at Elite Wellness is different?

There are many poses or asanas in yoga. Our classes are geared towards the most efficient and effective poses with the maximum benefits. By increasing flexibility and bringing more oxygen to your muscles it aids in repair. Adding a yoga practice will help in experiencing less soreness and quicker recovery.

Although yoga inversions (hand stands) or some of the more advanced “Instagrammable” poses look fun our classes are geared to a more effective approach in challenging your strength and balance efficiently.

Unlike Bikram or Kundalini yoga, at Elite Wellness we practice Ashtanga Vinyasa flow yoga. Our focus with each selected position is to increase the range of motion, improve flexibility and mobility. During yoga, focusing on breathing will also help with physical relaxation and mental concentration.

  • Increased Performance: Proper body mechanics are essential for enhanced power and strength. Yoga helps align the body, minimizing power loss during physical activities like weightlifting, running, and explosive movements.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Yoga improves posture and respiratory capacity, making it particularly valuable for athletes. Many individuals have even overcome respiratory issues through regular practice.
  • Improved Balance and Proprioception: Yoga fosters greater body awareness, including balance and stability, ultimately improving athletic performance and training efficiency.
  • Injury Prevention: Yoga reduces the risk of injuries by enhancing body mechanics and awareness. This contributes to longer competitive careers and consistent progress in sports.
  • Accelerated Recovery: Yoga promotes better circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding in muscle recovery by expediting healing and regrowth.
  • Heightened Focus: Consistent yoga practice sharpens mental clarity and focus, a vital aspect for achieving excellence in sports.
  • Additional Benefits: Yoga has clinically demonstrated its ability to boost immune function, balance hormones, and improve stress management.
Yoga and Elite Wellness

Clients with any small group training packages or membership can apply their sessions to our yoga classes as well.